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September 23 , 2009

Express Train


Enjoy this hot steamy ride of your life. Excerpt:"God. It's going to be a long journey, isn't it?" my wife, Alicia, commented, as she sat beside me on the train.

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"Yeah," I replied. "Why did Cindy have to get married up in Newcastle, for God's sake?"

"I told you. It's because of her fiancé. His family come from up there."

"So? Why didn't she get them all to come down to London? It would make a nice day out for them."

I wasn't very happy about the situation. I barely knew Cindy, although she was one of my wife's best friends, and I didn't like the idea of spending four hours on the train to get to her wedding, followed by another four hours on the way back. Then there was the expense of the hotel to be considered. I tried to persuade Alicia to go on her own, but she wouldn't have it, and so here we were.

Another thing that bothered me was the heat. I had to wear a suit for the wedding, and I knew that if I took my jacket off it would get very crumpled up. I felt myself begin to sweat and I looked at my wife enviously. If a woman goes to a formal function she doesn't have to wear a suit and tie. Alicia had on a simple, but elegant, short white backless dress. The hemline finished well above her knees and it was very low cut in the front with two thin straps holding it all together at her shoulders. There wasn't a lot of material there, but it had sure as hell cost a lot of money. I can't deny that it looked good on her though. It really showed off her sexy legs and graceful arms to great effect, but I was a bit concerned about the amount of cleavage showing. She couldn't wear a bra because the dress was backless and there were times in the cab on the way to the train station when I had looked at her and been able to glimpse one of her nipples as she leaned forward.

"Well," Alicia sighed. "There's no use complaining. At least we'll be able to look at the countryside from the window when we get out of the city."

"Hmmm, great," I muttered sarcastically to myself.

It was an express train, and would only make two stops as soon as we got outside London, but for now we were trundling along quite slowly, stopping at various stations on the outskirts of the city to pick up more passengers. The train wasn't too crowded when we had boarded it, but it was starting to fill up now. When we reached the last station in the city I looked out the window at the platform and saw dozens of football supporters waiting to come on board.

"Jesus," I whispered to Alicia. "As if the journey wasn't bad enough already. They must all be going to a match in Newcastle. They'll be singing songs and being really loud all the way there. They're probably drunk already."

"No, they can't be. It's only half past ten in the morning."

"Believe me, they will be."

They soon made their way down the carriage. Most of them had cans of beer in their hands, and I noticed a couple were drinking straight from a bottle of whiskey. Some of them could have moved further along into the adjoining carriage, but they decided to all stay together, even though it meant that most of them had to stand. Two young men sat in the seat opposite us, their eyes immediately drawn to my wife in her short, sexy dress. They stared at her long, shapely legs and her luscious tits and they weren't too subtle about it. I looked up to notice three or four other men in the aisle right next to us. Two of them were leaning over me to look down at Alicia's cleavage.

For the next twenty minutes I sat there feeling very uncomfortable as all these men looked at my wife's body like it was a piece of meat and they hadn't eaten in weeks. I could have asked them to stop being so rude, but I knew that with so many of them on the same side, I'd just be causing more trouble for us both. I sat there, trying to ignore them, pretending that I was interested in the view outside as the concrete landscape gave way to long, green acres of fields.

"So where are you off to then darling?" the shaven headed man sitting opposite asked my wife. "Are you going to the football?"

Alicia couldn't stop herself from laughing. It was such a stupid question. More and more women go to watch football these days, but I'm sure none of then turn up wearing what Alicia was today.

"Yeah," she replied with a hint of sarcasm. "I always wear a dress when I go to matches."

"Good idea that," the blond man next to the skinhead spoke up. "It'd be easier to take it off if you do a streak at half-time. Is that what you're going to do? I'll look forward to seeing that, your nice big tits jiggling about on the pitch. I bet you've got a lovely ass as well."

Alicia's hands instinctively went to her chest, as she blushed at his words.

"Hey," I said to him in a firm voice. "That's enough of that."

"Okay mate. I was only having a laugh. No offence darling," he said, leaning forward to pat her on the knee, his hand lingering on her bare leg.

I was about to slap his hand away when Alicia grabbed my arm to stop me and then gently tried to push his hand away herself. At first he didn't move and she held her hand over his, stopping him from moving his hand further up her thigh until eventually he took it away. I began to wonder whether she liked his hand there. She certainly didn't seem angry or offended. There was almost a smile playing around her lips.

Her other hand was still gripping my arm, holding me back. She whispered in my ear not to cause any trouble, so I did as she said. If I was honest with myself I had to admit I didn't like the idea of starting a fistfight. I knew that if I took one of them on, the rest would probably join in. The blond man smirked at me when he realized I wasn't going to do anything. It was as if he'd won some kind of victory because I didn't punch him in the face. I noticed the other men standing around looking disappointed, as if a punch-up would have brightened their day.

It wasn't long before they all began talking among themselves again. One of them began telling

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