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December 04 , 2010

How to Trade a Daily Chart with $uccess

New Day Trader and Swing Trader Educational Series


Do you want to invest and trade and have no experience yet? This book should be the first book you buy not the tenth one. This book tells you everything you need to know all in one place at one time on how to get going investing and trading every day on a daily chart time frame.

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Many new traders think they need to know it all right away and that could not be further from the truth. This book tells you only what you need to know right away from the first day to begin making money right away. There is a lot of information a brand new trader needs to be aware of and this book is written to give you the very first information you must have to become successful and get you on the fast track to making money every day in the live markets.

The book will be a great read for someone who has no experience and needs a starting point and the very first beginner information one must have. There are zero short cuts to making to the elite level of the trading business and it is said that 97% of all brand new traders fail. Don’t be THAT trader!

By the time you have read this entire book you will know the progression of learning steps every brand new trader must take to get to the elite level of self-directed investors and traders. I encourage you to pay close attention to what it says in this book and follow the steps it talks about and not skip anything.

Skipping any step in the progression of learning steps could definitely cause you to experience a negative financial outcome and no one wants that right? The learning process can take as little as 30 days or it can take 3-5 years it all depends on you and how fast you can grasp the principles of this book and make them work in the real markets every day with real money and in real time.

Once you have the education and training done and out of the way and you have become consistently profitable on a daily basis for some time you will be ready to deploy your real capital in the live markets and work with the smart money and also the best investors and traders on the planet. That is who your competition is so you will need to develop your edge before you do anything.

Working on a daily chart is the best way for new traders to get going right away to get the edge they need to make money right away. Just remember this. The lower you go on intraday charts the more information you will need to look at and analyze. Also remember that the smart money doesn’t trade intraday and if you want to make money with them you will need to do what they are doing where they are doing it from.

Working on daily chart it is very easy to see the smart money supply and demand value areas and also easy to see where the sheeple of the herd retail traders are making all of their mistakes. See both and profit from both. It is very easy to do once you know what you are looking at and where to look for it on the daily chart.

You don’t want to work harder you want to work smarter and the daily chart gives you all the information you need to be consistently profitable on a daily basis. All you need to do at this juncture is spend the time to learn this business the right way from the first day. The money will come on its own trust me on that. You can take that to the bank!

Have a profitable day!

J.R. Calcaterra