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October 04 , 2009

Mind Controlled And Milked: Jerrika And Maya


Book 6 in the White Lotus Foundation series.

Josh is the CEO at the White Lotus Foundation's Honolulu branch. He is introduced by a psychiatrist to Jerrika and Maya, two patients of his suffering from mental trauma. Josh offers to take them where they can be fixed by their technology and live a happy life together, but strange circumstances soon arise and Josh finds out the world is not what he thought. Contains Mind Control, Erotic Lactation, Lesbian sex, Menage and Milking.

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Mr. Wyman looked across the social area at the two women sitting next to each other at a table by themselves. Both were gorgeous and athletically built. Jerrika was slender with short blonde hair that obviously was longer at some point and recently cut haphazardly during some mental break down. Maya was a little more muscular with long red hair that she kept in a tangled pony tail with loose strands hanging about her shoulders and back. They both wore loose medical scrubs uncomfortably and leaned against each other as they played chess with some checker pieces and several scrabble letters added in.

He and the doctor walked over to the table and the two women tensed up looking at the men''s lower torsos, but not making eye contact. Wyman noticed the two women held hands so tight when the men approached that their knuckles turned white.

"Jerrika. Maya." The doctor said in a soft soothing voice. "This is Josh Wyman. He would like to talk to you both, if that is okay."

The women looked at each other frightened for a moment saying nothing. They both looked around the table or down at their laps for several seconds and then Jerrika moved one of the scrabble letters to a space containing a pawn.

"My J takes your pawn." She said taking the pawn away. Maya looked at the two men still not making eye contact with either, and then looked at the chess board in careful contemplation. Jerrika was looking at Josh's suit seemingly interested in it. Maya moved a black checker coin all the way across the board.

"My checker threatens your U for a double word score." She said.

"Threatens my me?" Jerrika asked surprised and looked at the board. She then grabbed one of her knights and laid it on it's side. "My horses go to sleep." She remarked and Maya huffed, scrunching her face as if she had just been foiled.

The doctor looked at Josh sympathetically and shrugged. Josh looked at the women and carefully moved into a chair opposite them. They both froze and watched him out of the corner of their eyes. When he leaned back in his chair and relaxed, the women seemed to ease up a little and then Maya looked back at the chess board. She grabbed a pawn and moved it six spaces skipping over two pieces.

"Pawn to king's pretzel five." She said. "Check."

"You ate your pretzel!" Jerrika exclaimed. "You can't use a pretzel jump after you eat the pretzel!"

Maya looked ashamed and reached into her pocket pulling out a small hard pretzel stick presenting it to the shocked looking blonde. "I ate your pretzel and hid mine in my pocket." She admitted.

Jerrika grabbed the pretzel and popped it in her mouth. "I ate your pretzel." She said chewing. Maya frowned and moved the pawn back to where it was and considered the board once again.

She grabbed Jerrika's sleeping knight and stood it back up. "My castle casts a spell turning your horse into a unicorn."

Noooo!" Jerrika said bouncing up and down excitedly. She looked at the board desperately for several seconds as Josh patiently watched the spectacle. She then grabbed her queen and moved it off the board. "You won fair and square." She stated dejectedly.

Maya hugged her and Jerrika seemed instantly consoled. "You'll get her next time." The redhead told her gently. Then they slowly both looked up at Josh who was still intently watching them.

"Very interesting variation on the traditional game, you ladies have there." He said as they both eyed him warily. "I think you might be able to go pro with enough practice."

Both women smiled politely. Maya then turned the chess board and started rearranging pieces. "You can't go pro in the minors if you haven't had a paying gig. Your amateur status would disqualify you." She said and Jerrika nodded eagerly in agreement.

"Well, be that as it may, I would like to talk to the two of you about an offer." He said. "An offer that would let you get out of this place and be somewhere that you can still be together and also be happy again."

Jerrika shook her head and hugged Maya who looked at Josh accusingly. "You can't make us go!" She shouted. "Doctor Stevens said we can play scramble chess all we want when it's not time to eat or sleep!"

"Or take our meds." Jerrika offered.

"Or take our meds!" Maya pointed a finger at Josh.

Josh nodded in agreement. "I concur." He said and looked up at the doctor standing beside him. "Don't you concur, Doctor Stevens? Jerrika and Maya would be able to play scramble chess all day at the unicorn farm, wouldn't they?"

"Oh yes, Mr. Wyman." The doctor agreed. "All day. even during meals and sleep time."

Both women brightened up and looked excited. "You have a unicorn farm?" Jerrika asked curiously.

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Date release: May 12, 2014

Romance, Erotica
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