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download MBR Saint and Scholar

Saint and Scholar

He teaches about the Irish past. She worries about their Irish future. Grant Fennell seems to lack the luck of the…


download fb2 The Counterfeit Detective

The Counterfeit Detective

When his best informant, John Hwa, is stabbed to death, Theo Jones believes the family ‘curse’ that has claimed generations of…


download pdf Business School Confidential

Business School Confidential

Featuring an in-depth interview with the Director of Admissions at Tuck School of Business, ranked #1 by the Wall Street…


download torrent Der Wolfsthron

Der Wolfsthron

Ein junger Magier und eine Prinzessin zwischen Liebe und Loyalität – in einem fesselnden Kampf um ein Königreich Als…


download epub SHARING THE LOVE


Sharing the Love is a collection of short stories. It is meant to inspire children to grow in faith with love, joy, and peace,…


download MBR Heart Experience

Heart Experience

As this part of Heart Experiences comes to an end I hope and pray that something was said to encouraged your hearts and minds.…


download epub2 Reiniciados


As lembranças de Kyla foram apagadas, sua personalidade foi varrida e suas memórias estão perdidas para sempre. Ela foi…


download docx Playing For Keeps

Playing For Keeps

Playing for KeepsPreviously published as two novels: Hide and Seek and Run to MeLife can’t be all fun and games,…


download pdf Bed


WHAT MAKES LIFE WORTH GETTING OUT OF BED FOR? Mal isn't like the other kids. So remarkable is his childhood that his family waits…


download docx Scandal Never Sleeps

Scandal Never Sleeps

From the New York Times bestselling authors of the Masters of Ménage series . . .They are the Perfect…


download mobi Why We Hate the Oil Companies

Why We Hate the Oil Companies

As president of Shell Oil, John Hofmeister was known for being a straight shooter, willing to challenge his peers throughout…


download MBR Curing the Philosopher's Disease

Curing the Philosopher's Disease

Curing the Philosopher's Disease is a philosophical examination of the mysteries surrounding the foundations of science,…


download MBR Frommer's Istanbul day by day

Frommer's Istanbul day by day

"Day by Day" guides have headed the best-seller lists in every year of the past decade, and the reason for their success is…


download LIT La Mort d'Olivier Bécaille

La Mort d'Olivier Bécaille

Extrait du livre :C'est un samedi, à six heures du matin que je suis mort après trois jours de maladie.…


download pdf Video Revolutions

Video Revolutions

Since the days of early television, video has been an indispensable part of culture, society, and moving-image media…


download txt A Philosophy of Criminal Attempts

A Philosophy of Criminal Attempts

An investigation of criminal attempts unearths some of the most fundamental, intriguing and perplexing questions about criminal…


download torrent Obama vs. Romney

Obama vs. Romney

The Inside Story of the 2012 Presidential CampaignThe presidential campaign of 2012 was one of the closest and most…


download xml Three for the Road

Three for the Road

“The road,” Kerouac wrote, “is life,” and the women in these three stories hit the road looking for a fuller, richer life than…


download pdf The Chalice

The Chalice

The year is 1243 CR. The world of Aria has been torn apart by war for nearly two decades as the might of the Heldann Empire…


download MBR Mastering JavaServer Faces 2.2

Mastering JavaServer Faces 2.2

A homogenous guide integrating the features of JSF 2.x (2.0, 2.1 and 2.2), following a “learning through examples” paradigm with…


download pdf Cressida's Dilemma

Cressida's Dilemma

A woman who fears her husband is being unfaithful takes an extraordinary and sensual journey to discover an unexpected…


download doc The Shepherd's Bride

The Shepherd's Bride

Finding Refuge  Shunned by the Amish community, shepherd Carl King has given up on his dream for a family. Yet…


download doc Gospels of the New Nile

Gospels of the New Nile

Religious works are written and read through a prism of faith. How much of the truth navigates this filtration is an open…


download docx The Beginning and End of Rape

The Beginning and End of Rape

Despite what major media sources say, violence against Native women is not an epidemic. An epidemic is biological…


download LRF A Fair Cop

A Fair Cop

The true story of a young police officer’s imprisonment for a crime he did not commit. It was Michael Bunting's life ambition to…


Welcome to my blog!

For many years I have collected books that are either read or really want to read them in the future. All of these books I placed in this blog, that anyone would be able to find a favorite book!

My blog has become quite popular, so sometimes it is necessary to restrict access.

If you have any old unwanted paper books, bring them to me, I will gladly read it all and do my summary!

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